Welcome to the Internet Services Department

The Tamarack internet control facility and data center is equipped with uninterruptible power supplies, providing 20 minutes of backup time. The backup to this is a 15,000 watt building generator with a seven day supply of fuel. Our Internet facility is located primarily within our retail location in Yellowknife.

For years we’ve provided dedicated Internet and WAN services to numerous companies in the region through fiber, ADSL or HDSL, and wireless connections.

Now, we’re reaching out to our customers with specialized Internet solutions for specific needs. Our goal is to help your company if you can’t use NWTEl’s infrastructure, need a backup line, or have specific demands that are better met by a service we can provide.

We deliver specifically tailored Internet services to our customers at locations throughout Yellowknife including:

  • Northwest Tower
  • Precambrian Building
  • Scotia Centre
  • Goga Cho Building
  • Communications Building

We are a full firewall services provider for our clients. Additionally, we purchase traffic via a 100Mbps fiber connection to the Regional Service Provider.

Aside from traffic provisioning we also run a full complement of Internet services for our customers. Our Internet zone contains:

  • Web servers
  • SPAM filtering
  • Mail servers
  • DNS servers
  • Traffic Monitoring stations
  • Customer Service Racking
  • Virtual Server Hosting
  • Offsite Backup Server
  • Local Cloud Storage

Internet News

Spam filtering now enabled on yk.com & tamarack.nt.ca mail accounts!

Find out how you can configure the spam filter to best suit your personal needs.  


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